[Beowulf] Mont Blanc: 200 PFlops @ 10 MW by 2017

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SC12: HPC cluster with Nvidia mobile graphics and ARM SoCs

Carma microcluster with eight blades.

Picture: E4 Computer Engineering As part of the EU project, Montblanc , the
company developed Seco together with Nvidia components for supercomputers
with ARM SoCs. The Italian company E4 Computer Engineering now links eight to
24 blades with Qseven modules with Tegra 3 processors and GPGPU accelerators
type Quadro 1000M at comparatively economical HPC clusters. After Nvidia
Project "Carma" - CUDA for ARM - called the E4 systems Carma microcluster or
Carma cluster.

The microcluster with eight blades, each one ARM SoC and GPU module carries,
comes from a 520-watt power supply. E4 is the maximum computing power of 2.16
teraflops of single-precision floating-point calculations in (single
precision). This corresponds to the performance of the eight Quadro 1000M
graphics chips, each of which reach 96 CUDA cores of 270 Gflops. The CUDA-2.1
cores process only FP32 values, and no dual-precision numbers.

The Carma board of Seco with Tegra 3 on a Qseven module also sells Nvidia

Image: Nvidia

Nvidia sells a single of these blades as Carma devkit via Seco for around 630
euros and developer. E4 grabs again in Carma cluster together up to 12 nodes,
equipped with Carma 2-boards, each node will have two Quadro 1000M, total
come together to 6.48 teraflops SP computing power. E4 is setting up a 1.5-kW
power supply. Carma the cluster can also be purchased exclusively with Tegra
3 processors, then a total of 48 of these SoCs stuck with four Cortex-A9
cores in it to 192 ARM cores. Sure enough, a 400-watt power supply. Are
optional except for the Qseven board QuadMo747-X/T30 Tegra T30 with others

The roadmap of the EU funded with 8.11 million euro project Montblanc looks
about 2017 a cluster with 200 PFlops of 10 megawatts. Vergrößern Image: Seco
Where supported by the EU with around 8 million Euro project Montblanc work
as well with the Research Centre Jülich and the Leibniz Rechenzentrum
Garching. The aim is efficient exascale supercomputers; 2017, a system with
200 PFlops stand on the Top500 list. For the first HPC prototypes Montblanc
has now the ARM SoC Samsung Exynos 5 with two Cortex-A15 selected , as at the
SC12 conference was announced.

Nvidia is working within the framework of Project Denver to SoCs with
proprietary ARM cores, but also has a license for the Cortex-A15. This could
come in the Tegra version Wayne used. The internally developed ARM cores
could be either 64-bit versions, as well as AMD, STMicroelectronics, Calxeda,
Applied Micro and others are planning - but in part based on the ARM design
Cortex-A57-A53 . ( ciw ) 

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