[Beowulf] how cluster's storage can be flexible/expandable?

Hearns, John john.hearns at mclaren.com
Mon Nov 12 01:52:03 PST 2012

The RAID software (megaRAID) also states that new disks can be added on 
the fly, but I have no idea if the new disks can also be formatted and 
ready together with the available storage. Everything is still very new 
to me.

That is at a lower level that having storage formatted and available to the system,
as you say.
You will be able to add physical disks to your system without downtime, and your
System will be able to 'see' them if you re-scan the SCSI bus.

At that stage you will have to use XFS or LVM to grow your filesystems.

I would advise that you set aside a small test system.
Install it with a system disk, and two other disks.
Use XFS to format one disk, then add the other disk in. Or LVM.

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