[Beowulf] Digital Image Processing via HPC/Cluster/Beowulf - Basics

Vincent Diepeveen diep at xs4all.nl
Wed Nov 7 02:58:31 PST 2012


> Not quite.  Articles typically mention that the time to render a frame
> of film has remainted pretty constant over the last decade, any speed
> increases in the hardware being used to execute more complex
> algorithms.  The move from 24fps to 48fps (ie The Hobbitt) isn't going
> to help matters either.

Ah another guy who believes the fairy tale of the marketing departments.

>> You can render the next episodes of the upcoming starwars movies deep
>> at a single socket i7 pretty quick, which includes
>> testrun after testrun.

> I am sure Disney would like to speak to you if you could accomplish
> this, it would save them a significant amount of money.

Oh yeah - handsdown speeding up that software is no problem.

As i described - our own 3d engine did do realtime better than the  
same software disney uses to
produce those episodes on a single core.

What a 3d engine is doing realtime for an animation of 7 seconds,  
that takes 30 minutes rendering time
with the design software at a single core.

That's the same exact same software they used to produce those movies  

Did you calculate the speed difference?

30 * 60 = 1800

1800 / 7 = 250

Roughly factor 250.

So it's not so difficult to speedup things factor 250.

Yet their marketing department will be 100% opposed against this idea  
of paying someone to speed this up.
They will prefer to argue they have a 40k computer farm and needed  
air space technology also used to travel
to Mars to create this movie.

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