[Beowulf] Google greywater cooling

Jonathan Aquilina eagles051387 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 08:19:41 PDT 2012

Those are some interesting thoughts, I live on the island of Malta, 
where electrical prices are expensive. The Dc i used to work at charged 
58 euros per kwh of electricity used if you colocate.

I have a few ideas im working on proposing to vodafone malta, and if 
they deem it feasible it would be something I coudl move forward with 
for them.

Here in Malta we have alot of wind and solar, I dunno why to be honest 
electrical companies dont burn organic wastes to help generate electricity.

I am actually thinking of approaching the government with the idea of 
using organic wastes to generate electricity locally, and start to cut 
our dependence on oil for electrical generation.

On 22/03/2012 16:04, Mark Hahn wrote:
>> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2012/03/20/google_greywater_data_center_cooling/
> I grew up in a city cooled by a central evaporative water-chilling plant,
> so I'm always surprised how unusual this sort of project is.
> does anyone have comments on how to enable/encourage/foster less
> conventional datacenter engineering?
> I've participated in two DC projects, and both went with safe, boring
> and inefficient solutions, simply because power costs weren't high enough
> to motivate any deviation from utter conventionality.  power costs are
> somewhat hidden on uni campuses, and people involved are very, extremely,
> hyper-risk-averse...
> I suppose part of the problem is in retrofitting a green DC into
> existing buildings - it's a lot easier if you can plan a new building
> to, for instance, take advantage of waste heat.
> I'm also interested in anyone who is currently running clusters at
> higher than conventional/ASHRAE temperatures.
> thanks, mark hahn.
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