[Beowulf] Supercomputers - iPad versus Cray

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OK, I did think of a way that would be pretty cool in a demo/kluge, almost performance-art way: have the iPads communicate by modulating their LCD, and receiving via the screen-side camera.
I didn't say it was practical ;)

it would be hillarious to see a ring of ipads flashing QR codes at each other while running linpack.  well, to me at least!

>>> This is a cool idea.. and not so far fetched.  I've been involved in optical interconnects which weren't that far off.. multipixel area sensors (i.e. cameras) looking at multiple other computers (all as nodes on the surface of a sphere, looking inward) each with a matrixed light emitting display.  With the right optics, you could light up just the leds that shine on the desired recipients (or all of them for broadcast).  

The practical application is optical comm among a bunch of satellites flying in a not very well controlled formation. 

So, for the demo, the ring o'pads isn't a bad idea, especially if you put a wide angle lens on the front facing camera. 

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