[Beowulf] rear door heat exchangers

Lux, Jim (337C) james.p.lux at jpl.nasa.gov
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Maybe there's an issue with the weight and or flexible tubing on a swinging door?

The Hoffman products in Andrew's email, I think, aren't the kind that hang on a door, more hang on the side of a large box/cabinet (Type 4,12, 3R enclosure) or wall.

They're also air/air heat exchanges or airconditioners (and vortex coolers.. but you don't want one of those unless you have a LOT of compressed air available)

shows "in-row liquid cooling" but I think that's sort of in parallel

They do mention, lower down on the page, "Rear Door Liquid Cooling"
But I notice that the Liebert XDF-5 which is basically a rack and chiller deck in one, only pulls out 14kW.

>From DoE:

They refer the ones installed at LLBL  as RDHx units, but carefully avoid telling you the brand or any decent data.  They do say they cost $6k/door, and suck up 10-11kW/rack with 9 gal/min flow of 72F water.

Googling RDHx turns up "CoolCentric.com"

33kW is as good as they can do.

I also note that they have no fans in them.

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i'm looking for, but have not found yet, a rear door heat exchanger with fans.  the door should be able to support up to 35kw using chilled water.  has anyone seen such an animal?

most of the ones i've seen utilize a side car that sits beside the rack.  unfortunately, i'm space limited and i need something that will hang on the back of the rack.
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