[Beowulf] Setting up new benchmark

Vincent Diepeveen diep at xs4all.nl
Fri Jan 27 18:38:14 PST 2012

No worries - when by mid februari all components from ebay arrived  
and i've setup a small cluster here
i hope to write some MPI benchmarks that do all sorts of latency  
tests which i'll attach GPL header to,
and which should measure from latency to bandwidth using RDMA reads  

with all cores of every node busy.
Will be interesting then to compare it all.
Maybe several over here want to benchmark.
When i first designed the latency benchmark, later on Paul Hsieh  
managed to make the ideas implementation a bit more efficient.
I jumped with a random generator through the memory, Paul Hsieh had  
optimized it to just jumping random.
Dieter Buerssner then wrote the test for single cpu to compare  
whether it was similar to output i got - which appeared to be the case.
Setting up random pattern took very long though - then i optimized to  
setup the random pattern to O ( n log n ).

The advantage of all this is that one really sees the impact with all  
cores at the same time, whereas most tests use a total idle cluster  
and test 1 microtiny thing.


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