[Beowulf] The Absurdity of Diep - Was cpu's versus gpu's - Was Intel buys QLogic InfiniBand business

Ellis H. Wilson III ellis at cse.psu.edu
Fri Jan 27 08:58:25 PST 2012

On 01/27/2012 11:41 AM, Vincent Diepeveen wrote:
> On Jan 27, 2012, at 5:25 PM, Ellis H. Wilson III wrote:
>> On 01/27/2012 11:15 AM, Vincent Diepeveen wrote:
>>> And why do you post this?
> So you can follow all etiquette, yet only techincal your mind is not
> capable of following the discussions -
> so you just felt replying to etiquette.

No, I've given up writing technically when you're posting because:
a) You go into discussions to prove everyone wrong
b) You rapidly switch the topic if too many people disagree, which is 
frustrating and confusing (hence, was intel buys qlogic, then became 
cpus versus gpus, which became Itanium vs Larabee somehow, and now it is 
how poorly you communicate)
c) There is nothing to gain from having discussions with you

> That says more about you, than about me.

My personal background is storage and communication protocol-heavy.  Not 
processor-oriented.  You are right to suggest I am hesitant to post on a 
thread that directly compares two seemingly different processors, just 
like you hesitate to deal with the reality that you lack basic social 
skills.  Everyone caters to their own strengths, and generally (if they 
are wise), takes a back-seat and tries to learn something in areas they 
are weak.

> What everyone hates about politics is that people just speak about
> how things are phrased instead of looking at the intention of the
> phrased text.
> Why don't you go into politics, maybe you'll do better there.

Just because this is a list on Beowulfery and broadly covers everything 
remotely attached to HPC does not mean it needs to be bereft of a 
baseline of etiquette and respect for one another.  I know quite a few 
very nice, but rather intelligent and technically-capable people.  These 
two qualities can in fact coexist in a person, believe it or not.



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