[Beowulf] Clusters just got more important - AMD's roadmap

Douglas Eadline deadline at eadline.org
Wed Feb 8 11:05:29 PST 2012


> think of it this way: an APU is just a low-mid-end add-in GPU
> with the host integrated onto it ;)
> I think the real question is whether someone will produce a minimalist
> APU node.  since Llano has on-die PCIE, it seems like you'd need only
> APU, 2-4 dimms and a network chip or two.  that's going to add up to
> very little beyond the the APU's 65 or 100W TDP...  (I figure 150/node
> including PSU overhead.)

I plan on looking at these for my Limulus systems. There are
a bunch of microATX and miniITX boards for these APUs, if you use
the A8 it has 4 x86 cores and 400 SIMD cores.


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