[Beowulf] On filtering

Joe Landman landman at scalableinformatics.com
Wed Feb 1 05:42:30 PST 2012

We seem to have morphed from a technical/business discussion into a meta 
discussion on filtering.

In an ironical development, I am seriously considering filtering this 

For those who want/demand a strong moderation hand, I simply don't see 
this happening.  Eugen's points about the strong contributers leaving 
first doesn't appear to be the case here (or on any list I have ever 
been on over the past ... 20-ish years) .  Likewise, a strong moderation 
queue will do what its done to other mailing lists, with moderators whom 
have day jobs, and thats to pretty much kill the discussion.  I can 
point to a number where the moderation queue (used mostly for spam 
filtering) has worked against free form discussion (as we have here). 
Some of the lists on bioinformatics.org specifically demonstrate that 
moderation isn't conducive to discussion.

For those who don't want moderation and prefer local filtering ... 
procmail based, eyeball grep based (not egrep but close), the system 
will continue to function.

Now that this is said, can we please .... PLEASE .... go back to our 
regularly scheduled cluster(s) ?  Please ?

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