[Beowulf] Clustered Storage

Douglas O'Flaherty douglasof at gmail.com
Thu Dec 20 13:28:37 PST 2012

I was at LISA two weeks ago with a particular interest in Clustered Storage.

There was a lot of interest in parallel filesystems. but NFSv3 took a beating. It was even called 'dead' in the pNFS BOF. 

The pNFS BOF had good attendance. Alex McDonald of NetApp showed NFSv4 performance results from HIPEX Beijing that looked pretty good. There was also an announcement (by me) of an ecosystem initiative called www.open-pNFS.org

Ceph seems to be is all over with good attendance and interest in both talks I attended. Sage Wells presented an intention to add standard storage protocols to Ceph.

There was also a lot of hallway discussion about Gluster. They had a booth at the event and Jeff Darcy presented. 

There were Lustre mentions, but I didn't attend any talks where it was covered. 

Looks like a good year for clustered storage.  Has anyone seen recent publications about pros and cons of the different types? 

(I may have to write one)

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