[Beowulf] NFSoIB and SRP benchmarking

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Yeah it will be a great machines. You get what you pay for of course.
Confirming that is not even interesting. If you pay big bucks  
obviously it'll be fast.

For such machines, just break the raid card during operation, then  
replace it with another
card and see whether your data still is there and whether it can work  
without too much problems
within the crucial 2 minutes that you've got normally at exchanges to  
get new equipment in
(not counting rebuild time), or you're fired.

I'm not really sure what you're referring to here.
In an environment where access to storage arrays is that critical you would have multiple controllers and more
Then one fibrechannel card per host, and use multipathing.
And a dual fabric of fibrechannel switches plus trunked links between them.

You wouldn't be replying on any one piece of hardware which would "have to be changed within two minutes".

That's not saying that downtime is impossible in a situation like that - just that you don't rely on one RAID card.

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