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Lux, Jim (337C) james.p.lux at jpl.nasa.gov
Sun Aug 26 22:00:53 PDT 2012

And here I was looking for a discussion of using a Beowulf to model the
airflow over a swallow (or pair of swallows) carrying a coconut, thereby
creating a fascinating loop of using a Beowulf to answer the proposed
challenge question used for authentication. I leave discussion of coconut
migration, origin of swallow species, and other such questions to others.

Half seriously, I have seen some papers on doing CFD of the flows between
fins of adjacent fish or penguins (I can't recall which, off hand).

And as far as coconut distribution about the world, I've used a cluster to
do a lagrangian model for floating objects (with small propulsion forces)
using a database of ocean currents and winds. Others have done so for
objects as diverse as tennis shoes, floating bottles, rubber ducks, etc.,
although interestingly, I don't recall having seen coconuts in the

On 8/26/12 7:11 PM, "Christopher Samuel" <samuel at unimelb.edu.au> wrote:

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>On 24/08/12 11:06, Christopher Samuel wrote:
>> I'd like to solicit opinions from list members on changing the
>> policy of the list on messages from non-subscribers from the
>> current default of holding them for moderation to the position of
>> rejecting them (with an explanatory message).
>Thank you *all* for your valuable feedback, it was very much appreciated.
>I have now set the list to reject non-subscriber postings now as the
>feedback has been overwhelmingly for that, with the only reservation
>being that the list would be a source of back-scatter.
>However, the list is already a source of backscatter, we're just
>replacing the message saying "Your email has been moderated" with one
>saying "Your email has been rejected". :-)
>If you post to the list with a different email address to that which
>you receive email through (as I do, to avoid having to deal with
>Exchange) then you can subscribe your other address to the list and
>set it to "no mail" once it is added.   That will permit you to post
>and stop you receiving duplicate emails.
>We now return you to your regularly scheduled Beowulf coverage.. ;-)
>All the best,
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