[Beowulf] RFC: Restrict posting to subscribers only ?

Christopher Samuel samuel at unimelb.edu.au
Thu Aug 23 18:06:06 PDT 2012

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Hi all,

I'd like to solicit opinions from list members on changing the policy
of the list on messages from non-subscribers from the current default
of holding them for moderation to the position of rejecting them (with
an explanatory message).

The reason is that currently us new list admins get many dozens of
spams a day being held for moderation and it would be very hard to
spot a legitimate message (from either a new subscriber or from a new
member who is having messages held for moderation) amongst them.

It seems fairer to me for legitimate non-members to get an email
saying that their post has been rejected because they're not a member,
but pointing them to the web page to subscribe, rather than just a
message saying it's been held for moderation and then nothing (if it
gets missed).

It's also fairer to new members who are under moderation (as spammers
do sign up to lists too) as their messages won't get missed in the
general flood of non-member spam.

This is how all the other Mailman lists I run are configured and it's
not caused issues or complaints there.

Thoughts please!

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