[Beowulf] lm_sensors and clusters and wrong intel cpu readings

Vincent Diepeveen diep at xs4all.nl
Wed Aug 8 15:40:23 PDT 2012


How do you guys monitor the CPU core temperatures?

if i run lm_sensors, it's 30C higher at every node than a few nodes i  
tried compare with windows.
Also under full load it reports temperatures like end 60s and up to  
78C i've seen reported.
Am guessing it should be 30-40+ at most.

It blows cool air from and outside the cpu's. Nothing is even 'warm'.

Nodes here: supermicro X7DWE inside Xeons L5420. They are not  

I also downloaded some similar motherboards definitions - seems they  
uploaded it for motherboards with dual core Xeons
and such, not for the quadcores. None of those defines 'corrects' the  
temperature of the quadcore Xeons, they basically kick out
readings that are not getting used.

Now i bet several clusters/supercomputers had these cpu's. How did  
you solve this problem with the intel L5420's?

Maybe someone still has the lm_sensors script lying around somewhere  
fixing it for the intel Xeons?

Thanks in advance,

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