[Beowulf] Users abusing screen

Nicholas M Glykos glykos at mbg.duth.gr
Fri Oct 28 12:10:18 PDT 2011

> > if someone persisted in stealing cycles, we'd lock their account.
> Exactly.  Or visit them with a sucker rod.  Or have a department chair
> have a "talk" with them.
> Human to human interactions and controls work better than installing
> complex tools or automated constraints.
I can't, of course, even contemplate the possibility of disagreeing with 
RGB. Having said that, we (humans) do install complex tools and automated 
constraints on each and every technologically advanced piece of equipment, 
from cars and aircrafts, to computing machines (and we do not assume that 
proper training and human interaction suffices to guarantee proper 
operation of the said equipment). In this respect, methods like allocating 
(in a controlled manner) exclusive rights to compute nodes do appear 
sensible. I agree that installing restraints is a balancing act between 
crippling creativity (and making power users mad) and avoiding equipment 
misuse, but clearly, there are limits in the freedom of use (for example, 
you wouldn't add all cluster users to your sudo list).
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