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Subject: HPC User Training Survey (PRACE)

Sehr geehrte/r Teilnehmer/in meiner Kurseinladungsliste,

ich habe diesmal ein groessere Bitte:
Im Rahmen von PRACE fuehren wir eine Umfrage zu den HPC Fortbildungen in Europa durch. Es wuerde mir sehr helfen, wenn auch Sie daran teilnehmen koennten. Und es gibt als Dank sogar etwas zu gewinnen. 

Falls Sie selbst MPI oder OpenMP oder andere HPC Kurse geben (nicht Vorlesungen), dann betrifft Sie die zweite Umfrage, die ich gleich in einer zweiten Mail verschicke.

Im voraus besten Dank und mit freundlichen Gruessen
Rolf Rabenseifner

Dear HPC user,

We are writing to you on behalf of PRACE, the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (www.prace-ri.eu), which has been established to create a persistent HPC infrastructure to provide Europe with world-class HPC resources. As part of this infrastructure, PRACE runs a training programme to enable users, such as yourself, to fully exploit HPC systems that are made available via its regular calls for proposals (http://www.prace-ri.eu/Call-Announcements).

The PRACE project has designed a survey to assess the current level of knowledge and satisfaction with existing HPC training. Results from this will be used to guide training events that will be offered to you and your colleagues all over Europe.

As a candidate/existing user of PRACE Tier-1 and/or Tier-0 systems, you are invited to take part in the survey. Please redistribute this email and survey link to the technical members (staff and students) of your group who are developing and/or using applications on high-end HPC resources and who may also benefit from PRACE training.

All responses will be treated confidentially. Respondents' identities will not be disclosed in any publication of the survey results. Each participant who fully completes the survey will be eligible to enter a draw to win one of three Amazon Kindle devices.

The link to the survey is as follows:


The survey will close on 17:00 (CET) on 25th November 2011.

Thank you in advance for your contribution. Please direct any enquiries to danica at ipb.ac.rs

Rolf Rabenseifner, on behalf of the PRACE training team

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