[Beowulf] building Infiniband 4x cluster questions

Jon Tegner tegner at renget.se
Thu Nov 10 23:10:59 PST 2011

>>> Drivers for cards now. Are those all open source, or does it require
>>> payment? Is the source released of all those cards drivers, and do
>>> they integrate into linux?
>> You should get everything you need from the Linux kernel and / or OFED.
> You can also find the drivers on the vendors sites. Not sure about the rest, but for the Mellanox case it is open source and free - both for Linux and Windows
I'm using Qlogic drivers, it works well, but has the drawback that I'm 
limited to the kernel required for those drivers (which since I'm using 
CentOS means that I can only use CentOS-5.5).

Would there be any disadvantages involved in instead use the stuff from 
the kernel/OFED directly?



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