[Beowulf] Virtualized Infiniband in KVM?

Joe Landman landman at scalableinformatics.com
Mon Mar 28 07:18:26 PDT 2011

Hi folks

   I know about the VT-d bits for virtualized 1 1GbE/10GbE and their 
ability to be leveraged for KVM stacks.  Is there a similar capability 
for IB?  I figured I'd ask here first before bugging the OFED lists. 
This is an HPC situation, and I am trying to see if there is any 
experience with IB in a KVM virtual machine.  Any latency/bandwidth 
measures/tests, or any data for that matter would be of interest.

   I know Xen had some capability with this for a while (virualized IB 
stack as a passthru).  I'd like to avoid Xen if possible, and focus upon 
KVM for a number of reasons.



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