[Beowulf] K computer powered by Open MPI

Rayson Ho raysonlogin at gmail.com
Mon Jun 27 08:27:00 PDT 2011

>From the presentation, "Programming on the K computer", P. 11:

Open MPI based:
* Open Standard, Open Source, Multi-Platform including PC Cluster.
* Adding extension to Open MPI for "Tofu" interconnect

And it was confirmed that Open MPI (actually, Open MPI + Fujitsu's
code for Tofu) was used in LINPACK to achieve 8 PFLOPS and get the #1
in TOP500:


Other opensource stuff used by K:

* Lustre - see the presentation, "An Overview of Fujitsu's Lustre
Based File System":

* Linux on SPARC - should make Ellison happy as he needs to ship SPARC
T4 with Oracle Linux:


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