[Beowulf] Open Grid Scheduler (SGE)

Douglas Eadline deadline at eadline.org
Thu Jan 20 08:19:23 PST 2011

Looks like the things are getting worked out with
SGE and the fork to Open Grid Scheduler.



>From Daniel Templeton on the SGE mailing list:

"Today, we are entering a new chapter in Oracle Grid Engine’s life.
Oracle has been working with key members of the open source community to
pass on the torch for maintaining the open source code base to the Open
Grid Scheduler project hosted on SourceForge. This transition will allow
the Oracle Grid Engine engineering team to focus their efforts more
directly on enhancing the product.  In a matter of days, we will take
definitive steps in order to roll out this transition.  To ensure
on-going communication with the open source community, we will provide
the following services:

o Upon the decommissioning of the current open source site
[http://gridengine.sunsource.net/] on December 31st, 2010, we will begin
to transition the information on the open source project to Oracle
Technology Network’s home page for Oracle Grid Engine
This site will ultimately contain the resources currently available on
the open source site, as well as a wealth of additional product resources.

o The Oracle Grid Engine engineering team will be available to answer
questions and provide guidance regarding the open source project and
Oracle Grid Engine via online product forum

o The Open Grid Scheduler project
[http://sourceforge.net/projects/gridscheduler/] will be continuing on
the tradition of the Grid Engine open source project.  While the Open
Grid Scheduler project will remain independent of the Oracle Grid Engine
product, the project will have the support of the Oracle team, including
making available artifacts from the original Grid Engine open source


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