[Beowulf] [OT] EMACS vs VI

Lawrence Stewart stewart at serissa.com
Thu Feb 17 08:59:29 PST 2011

On Feb 17, 2011, at 11:39 AM, Bob Drzyzgula wrote:

> On a lot of platforms in the early days there weren't a lot of
> choices, you just used what was there. In the early '80s, I worked at
> some places were Wylbur was just How One Did Things; but it was
> actually pretty powerful. If you were working on VM/CMS you were
> probably editing in xedit and scripting in Rexx. And if you were
> working interactively on OS/MVS, the best you could hope for was
> probably SPF/PDF.
> --Bob

My advisor at Stanford had a sabbatical at Yorktown Heights sometime
in the mid '80s, and he reported having to use SOS on whatever 370 they had.
He said the UI was horrible, but the global search and replace was really fast.

I think I was using TECO on Tenex and ed on Unix around then.


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