[Beowulf] Wired article on AI

Prentice Bisbal prentice at ias.edu
Thu Feb 17 06:40:36 PST 2011

Since Watson on Jeopardy! Lead to a discussion on AI, did anyone else
read Wired's cover story from last month on AI? If not, here's the link
to it (at bottom).

The main gist of it is this: AI is all around us today, but it's nothing
like we expected it to be. Instead of trying to model human
intelligence, which had long been the goal of AI, modern AI systems are
built to accomplish a specific task: you cars stability control and
collision avoidance systems, for example.

While Watson isn't mentioned in the article, it's relevant to him (it?)
since he's not AI in the classic definition, but is in the modern
definintion - he's a computer system built to handle a specific task
well - Jeopardy!



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