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On Apr 8, 2011, at 11:15 AM, Stephen Williams wrote:
> I used RabbitMQ not long ago.  Impressed with some of it, not with a lot of the rest.  Digging through Erlang to determine its real details and limitations was interesting.  The group that had chosen it assumed magic that was not there.  Bottlenecks were going to kill scalability using the naive design.

ZeroMQ is not an MQ despite its name. It is a high-performance implementation of messaging design patterns, including some that are MQ-like. I believe it had aspirations to be an MQ many years ago but turned into an MPI-like high-performance messaging library that abstracts network, IPC, and in-process communication.

The basic network performance and scalability of ZeroMQ is similar to MPI. Underneath the hood it is just a collection of lockless, async structures grafted to the usual operating system hooks. 

Thinking of it as a competitor to MPI in terms of basic functionality is probably the correct framing.

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