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Vincent Diepeveen diep at xs4all.nl
Thu Apr 7 05:52:43 PDT 2011

On Apr 7, 2011, at 10:43 AM, Hearns, John wrote:

>> On 4/6/2011 5:39 PM, Mark Hahn wrote:
>>> shrug.  does anyone have serious experience with real apps on
>> manycore
>>> machines?  (I'm familiar with SGI boxes, where 80 is fairly ho-hum,
>>> but they're substantially more exotic/rare/expensive.)
>> I have a couple 48-core 1U boxes. They can build
>> gcc and other large packages very quickly.
>> The scientists who run single process simulations
>> also like them but they're not real picky about
>> how long it takes for something to run. They also
>> generally spend close to no time at all optimizing
>> anything.
> "Premature optimization is the root of all evil"  - Donald Knuth
> I'm also interested in the response to Mark Hahn's question - I guess
> that's why I started this thread really!
> Also as I've said before, with the advent of affordable manycore  
> systems
> like this, we're going

> to have to dust off those old skills practised in the age of SMP  
> monster
> machines - which were probably
> something like the same specs as these affordable systems!

it's not clear what 'these' refers to.

48 core AMD multicore machine: $8000 on ebay i saw one for. Of course  
not much of a RAM and not fastest chip.
Let's say fully configured about double that price.

GPU monster box, which is basically a few videocards inside such a  
box stacked up a tad, wil only add a couple of

But a 8 socket @ 10 core nehalem-ex, in basic configuration will be  
already far above $205k. Probably a $300k or
so when configured.

Huge price difference.

So i assume you didn't refer to the Nehalem-ex box.

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