[Beowulf] GP-GPU experience

Vincent Diepeveen diep at xs4all.nl
Mon Apr 4 12:26:43 PDT 2011

you can forget about getting much info other than marketing data.

the companies and orgainsations that already calculate for years at  
they are really good in keeping their mouth shut.

But if you realize that even with 16 fast AMD cores (which for this  
prime number code are a LOT FASTER in ipc than any other x64 chip),
a box built cheap second hand by the way as it's 4 x 8356 are needed
to feed just 1 gpu, you start to realize the real problem.

GPU's completely annihilate cpu's everywhere.

The limitation is the bandwidth to the gpu, though i didn't fully  
test that
bandwidth yet.

The 6000 series from AMD has much improved multiplication logics,  
like 2.5x faster
than the previous generation and it'll take some time to optimize  
this code for it.

streamcores for a while got renamed to PE's nowadays, processing  
and it has 1536 per gpu.

The 6990 has 2 of 'em.

It took a while for a good driver for these gpu's. Last days of  
januari it was there.
AMD-CAL works great here now.

There is not much diff with CUDA, other than proprietary ways of how  
to access things
and limbs and a few function calls.

Programming is similar.

818 execution units that can do multiplication 32 x 32 bits == 64 bits.

That kicks butt. bye bye cpu's.

On Mar 21, 2011, at 1:51 PM, Douglas Eadline wrote:

> I was recently given a copy of "GPU Computing Gems"
> to review. It is basically research quality NVidia success
> stories, some of which are quite impressive.
> I got to thinking about how others are fairing (or not)
> with GP-GPU technology. I put up a simple poll on
> ClusterMonkey to help get a general idea.
> (you can find it on the front page right top)
> If you have a moment, please provide
> your experience (results are available as well).
>   http://www.clustermonkey.net/
> BTW: You can see all the previous polls
> and links to other market data  here:
> http://goo.gl/lDcUJ
> --
> Doug
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