[Beowulf] How to make a BeagleBoard Elastic R Beowulf Cluster in a Briefcase

Douglas Eadline deadline at eadline.org
Fri Sep 17 16:24:25 PDT 2010

Well, it does not all have to be rocket science.
If you are a geek and you like doing geeky
things, then taking an application like
Critterding (Artificial Life)


and parallelizing it on a cluster would
be a fun project (If only I had the time)

Of course, if you created a big enough
A-life universe on your home cluster
you could have a really kick ass
"fish tank" to show your friends.


> Yes Charlie,
> But my question was relating to the personal use of homegrown
> systems.  There is certainly a use for the same tech in an
> institutional environment.
> But what of homegrown systems that cannot be taken to work, or made
> part of a commercial product, that were just made because it could be
> done?
> And I did get some ideas, but the general response seems to be "apart
> from R&D, unless you're a mathematician or scientist, not much"... I
> think this is why it needs the institutional environment - because it
> needs at least two skillsets to be useful.  One to build the box and
> another one to build the apps.  And probably another skillset again
> to use the apps, interpret the output etc.
> Stu
> On 17 Sep 2010 at 11:53, Charlie Peck wrote:
>> >> Cute, but my question is, what use is one of these homegrown
>> platforms?
>> How about education, outreach and training?  There are at least a couple
>> of projects [1] that use small, home-built clusters in e.g. for
>> undergraduate CS education, faculty education/re-training for parallel
>> programming and cluster computing, and the like.  Microsoft [2] and
>> others have also used platforms like this to explore low-power,
>> on-demand compute platforms.
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