[Beowulf] How to make a BeagleBoard Elastic R Beowulf Cluster in a Briefcase

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Fri Sep 17 09:52:57 PDT 2010

Yes Charlie,

But my question was relating to the personal use of homegrown 
systems.  There is certainly a use for the same tech in an 
institutional environment.

But what of homegrown systems that cannot be taken to work, or made 
part of a commercial product, that were just made because it could be 

And I did get some ideas, but the general response seems to be "apart 
from R&D, unless you're a mathematician or scientist, not much"... I 
think this is why it needs the institutional environment - because it 
needs at least two skillsets to be useful.  One to build the box and 
another one to build the apps.  And probably another skillset again 
to use the apps, interpret the output etc.


On 17 Sep 2010 at 11:53, Charlie Peck wrote:

> >> Cute, but my question is, what use is one of these homegrown platforms?
> How about education, outreach and training?  There are at least a couple of projects [1] that use small, home-built clusters in e.g. for undergraduate CS education, faculty education/re-training for parallel programming and cluster computing, and the like.  Microsoft [2] and others have also used platforms like this to explore low-power, on-demand compute platforms.

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