[Beowulf] a 6month job starting in this October

Fumie Costen fumie.costen at manchester.ac.uk
Mon Sep 6 02:33:21 PDT 2010

Dear All,  I am planning to apply for a little grant for our software
But to apply for this funding, I need to nominate a person to go with
the application form.
If there is anybody who meets the following criteria, please come back
to me as
soon as possible as the deadline is very soon

1. Have a PhD
2. UK or EU nationality,
2.5 currently living in Europe (or the person who can pay your
relocation cost by yourself to Manchester, U.K. )
3. good command in shell scripting in Unix and good command in  English
4. have a deep insight of knowledge of the finite difference time domain
5. good experience in Fortan programming
6. strong in mathematics
7. have a good knowledge in mathematical modelling in frequency
dependent materials
8. good experience in coding using  messege passing interface in  Fortran

Thank you very much

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