[Beowulf] GPU

Fumie Costen fumie.costen at manchester.ac.uk
Wed Sep 1 05:18:19 PDT 2010

Dear All, I believe some of you have come across the phrase "GPU
I have an access to GPU cluster remotely but the speed of data transfer
between the GPUs seems to be pretty slow from the specification and I
feel this
is going to be
the serious bottle neck of the large scale computation with GPUs.
Even when we do tackle this particular problem
using the overlap of communication and computation somehow
spending some significant amount of time,
by the time when we try to publish even a conference paper,
the new-spec GPU cluster could be available and all of our
effort would be wasted and can not lead to the publication.
Furthermore,  just porting our current code to GPU won't give
us  journal papers, I guess.
I would be grateful if there are anybody who
have any experience in GPU computation and can share
the experience with me.
I am in the middle of production of the next PhD topics
and the topic has to be productive from the perspective of
journal publication.

Thank you very much,

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