[Beowulf] how Google warps your brain

Jeff Johnson jeff.johnson at aeoncomputing.com
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On 10/21/10 9:37 AM, Robert G. Brown wrote:
> Of course (he chimes in from the bleachers where he is quietly sitting
> and wishing he were drinking a beer while watching students -- also
> wishing they were drinking a beer -- take a physics exam:-) this simply
> puts the world back where it was so long ago before the beowulf concept
> was invented...
Did someone say 'beer'? I'll take one (two) please...
> The real beauty of clusters (to me) has always been at least partly the
> fact that you could build YOURSELF a cluster, just for your own
> research, without having to have major leadership, infrastructure,
> space, or other resources.
We are seeing a number of university research locations where there is a 
top down push to consolidate HPC under a unified campus IT umbrella. To 
pull localized HPC resources out of departments and labs, pull the gear 
into a centralized and managed enterprise location and convert the 
researchers into resource customers of the unified HPC resource. In some 
cases to the point where the university administration plans to no 
longer fund localized expenditures on increased HVAC or room 
retrofitting for HPC.

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