[Beowulf] Anybody using Redhat HPC Solution in their Beowulf

Hearns, John john.hearns at mclaren.com
Fri Oct 22 10:22:49 PDT 2010

> >
> Thanks Michael,
> I am satisfied with Rocks, but my group people wanted something well
> supported that means, RHEL instead of CentOS 

I don't think that follows - other people should comment here.

and "some other PAID"
> cluster manager instead of Rocks, especially, when we have the budget.
> Somehow, I have not been able to convince my folks that Rocks is a
> better solution than the PAID ones.

There are plenty of PAID cluster management stacks out there - as I say
go talk to
some vendors. Maybe take a trip to Supercomputing?
Also give youself time to think about SuSE and SLES (or SLES desktop) on
the nodes.
Redhat is not the only game in town.
(Hint - I've put together many Suse clusters for two cluster

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