[Beowulf] Anybody using Redhat HPC Solution in their Beowulf

Hearns, John john.hearns at mclaren.com
Fri Oct 22 01:30:29 PDT 2010

> Hello List,
> My University is going for a new HPC System. I was using Rocks +
> until now but someone suggested to use Redhat HPC Solution with the
> system.

Please, please don't "roll your own" system (pun intended).
There are lots of companies out there who will provide you with a high
quality, supported
Beowulf cluster. Heck - some of them are respected controbutors to this

Seriously - you do not want to be making a decision up front on the
cluster management stack
before bringing vendors in.
You can bring vendors in, let them present what their cluster offering
does, and indeed you might learn
a lot from them at that stage.
The cluster management utilities might then influence who goes forward
to the next stage of tendering.

And what do I mean by support - well first off hardware - when a node
fails it will be fixed or replaced.
Second off software - your vendor will help in setting up queueing
systems and getting codes running.
Third off - storage and drivers. If you get any problems with storage,
or with kernel-type problems the
vendor will sort them out for you.

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