[Beowulf] Looking for references for parallelization and optimization

James Cownie jcownie at cantab.net
Wed Oct 20 09:55:51 PDT 2010

On 19 Oct 2010, at 23:56, Micha wrote:
> A bit off topic, so sorry, but it looks like a place where people who learned

> these things at some point hand out ...
> I've been asked to write a course on the subject of optimizing code. As it's
> hard to translate knowledge into an actual course, I was wondering if anyone
> here has references to either books, online tutorials or course syllabuses on
> the subjects of parallelization (OpenMP, MPI, also matlabs parallel computing
> toolbox) and optimization (sse, caches, memory access patterns, etc.) . It's less on
> the subject of this list, but I also need references regarding testing (unit
> and project), design and profiling.
> I trying to build a coherent syllabus, and having some reference texts really
> helps the process, and all my uni course materials are long dead.
Intel has a bunch of stuff at their "Academic Community" site 

There are certainly also discussions on code optimization and tools on the Intel SW site.

(Disclaimer: I work for Intel.)

-- Jim
James Cownie <jcownie at cantab.net>

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