[Beowulf] Looking for references for parallelization and optimization

Micha michf at post.tau.ac.il
Tue Oct 19 15:56:47 PDT 2010

A bit off topic, so sorry, but it looks like a place where people who learned
these things at some point hand out ...

I've been asked to write a course on the subject of optimizing code. As it's
hard to translate knowledge into an actual course, I was wondering if anyone
here has references to either books, online tutorials or course syllabuses on
the subjects of parallelization (OpenMP, MPI, also matlabs parallel computing
toolbox) and optimization (sse, caches, memory access patterns, etc.) . It's less on
the subject of this list, but I also need references regarding testing (unit
and project), design and profiling.

I trying to build a coherent syllabus, and having some reference texts really
helps the process, and all my uni course materials are long dead.


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