[Beowulf] HP 10 GbE card use/warranty

Steve Cousins cousins at umit.maine.edu
Tue Mar 30 06:24:48 PDT 2010

On Tue, 30 Mar 2010, Eric W. Biederman wrote:

> Steve Cousins <cousins at umit.maine.edu> writes:
>>> I have a couple of 10 GbE cards from HP (NC510F, NetXen/QLogic) and I have been
>>> trying to get them to work in non-HP Linux systems. After failing to be able to
>>> comile/install the nx_nic drivers on Fedora 9 and 12 (it checks to see if kernel
>>>> = 2.6.27 and if so looks for net/8021q/vlan.h but can't find it)
> I suspect that header was simply not packaged in the appropriate rpm.
> You might be able to get away with commenting out that include.

That was the first thing I tried. It lead to a path that got wider as I 

>>> I installed
>>> one of the supported distributions (or close enough): CentOS 5. Driver
>>> installation went fine and I was able to get one of the cards to work. The other
>>> one seems to be bad. The nx_nic driver loads but no eth2 device shows up. Also,
>>> the Activity LED is constant but no Link LED lights up. Since I can't get the
>>> eth device loaded I can't update the firmware.
> Does fedora not build the in kernel driver?  They should.

Yes it does. I got basic functionality with it but under large transfers 
it locks up. No lockups with the nx_nic driver.

> Except for occasionally having to flash the firmware up to the latest
> image I have had good luck with the netxen nics.  I don't know anything
> about the your weird purchase/support situation.

> Eric

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