[Beowulf] 1000baseT NIC and PXE?

Andrew Robbie (Gmail) andrew.robbie at gmail.com
Wed Mar 17 06:06:28 PDT 2010

On 16/03/2010, at 7:47 AM, David Mathog wrote:

> Sorry if this is a silly question, but do any of the inexpensive
> 1000baseT NICs support PXE boot?

Can I suggest you consult the rom-o-matic database maintained by the  
etherboot/gPXE project? The raw list is at:

For example, it shows that the DGE-530T is supported with the skge  

It can be problematic mapping brand names/part numbers to chipsets  
though. If you can buy one to test that helps... Do you mean PCI,  
PCI-64, PCI-X or PCIe cards? Standard PCI is really too slow for GigE.  
Can you say which your motherboard supports? It is a good idea to make  
sure the NIC can work at 3.3v or 5v for flexability.


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