[Beowulf] Cluster of Linux and Windows

Geoff Jacobs gdjacobs at gmail.com
Fri Mar 12 17:59:59 PST 2010

Leonardo Machado Moreira wrote:
> Basicaly, Is a Cluster Implementation just based on these two libraries
> MPI on the Server and SSH on the clients??

Technically you don't need a server as long as all your clients have a
copy of your application and are able to talk to each other. File
servers and authentication servers just make things easier.

MPI is a type of library which allows your application to talk with it's
sisters on other computers without you having to do sockets programming
or other things just as distasteful. SSH allows you to sign in on one
computer and launch jobs on one or more other computers, so you can
start your application on all the computers (not technically accurate,
but good enough for an overview).

> And a program on tcl/tk for example on server to watch the cluster?

TCL/TK is a programming language and widget library. Monitoring is done
by applications written in TCL/TK and other languages, but it's not a
requirement. Unless you use it to write your application, of course.

Programs for monitoring hardware, batch scheduling, revision management,
and so on are used because they make it easier to maintain and use the
cluster optimally.

It's best to just start reading here...

> Thanks a lot.
> Leonardo Machado Moreira

Geoffrey D. Jacobs

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