[Beowulf] assigning cores to queues with torque

Micha Feigin michf at post.tau.ac.il
Mon Mar 8 07:14:00 PST 2010

I have a small local cluster in our lab that I'm trying to setup with minimum
hustle to support both cpu and gpu processing where only some of the nodes have
a gpu and those have only two gpu for four cores.

It is currently setup using torque from ubuntu (2.3.6) with the torque supplied
scheduler (set it up with maui initially but it was a bit of a pain for such a
small cluster so I switched)

This cluster is used by very few people in a very controlled environment so I
don't really need any protection from each other, the queues are just for
convenience to allow remote execution

The problem:

I want to allow gpu related jobs to run only on the gpu equiped nodes (i.e more jobs then GPUs will be queued), I want to run other jobs on all nodes with either
1. a priority to use the gpu equiped nodes last
2. or better, use only two out of four cores on the gpu equiped nodes

It doesn't seem though that I can map nodes or cores to queues with torque as far as I can tell
(i.e cpu queue uses 2 cores on gpu1, 2 cores on gpu2, all cores on everything else
      gpu queue uses 2 cores on gpu1, 2 cores on gpu2)

I can't seem to set user defined resources so that I can define gpu machines as having gpu resource and schedule according to that.

Is it possible to achieve any of these two with torque, or is there any other
simple enough queue manager that can do this (preferably with a debian package
in some way to simplify maintanance). I only manage this cluster since no one
else knows how to and it's supposed to take as little of my time as possible
I'm looking for the simplest solution to implement and not the most versatile


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