[Beowulf] dollars-per-teraflop : any lists like the Top500?

Bill Broadley bill at cse.ucdavis.edu
Wed Jun 30 23:24:00 PDT 2010

On 06/29/2010 10:50 PM, Greg Lindahl wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 30, 2010 at 12:30:12AM -0500, Rahul Nabar wrote:
>> The Top500 list has many useful metrics but I didn't see any $$ based
>> metrics there.
> Other communities with $$-based metrics haven't had much success with
> them.
> In HPC, many contracts are multi-year, multi-delivery, or, they
> include significant extra stuff beyond the iron.

Just have the vendor provide a list of included equipment, and a price 
with the stipulation that anyone that wants that list of equipment gets 
it for exactly that price.  Maybe include some low level of service like 
equipment replacement via return to depot for 3 years.

So vendors would work out nice discounts for their favorite customers, 
and the customer could brag to their bosses about how much under the 
retail price they got.

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