[Beowulf] OT: recoverable optical media archive format?

lsi stuart at cyberdelix.net
Wed Jun 9 07:17:01 PDT 2010

The ECC approach is nice.  My current solution is to burn two copies 
of each archive DVD.  If the media deteriorates and there are 
unreadable sectors, I use the second copy of the DVD to replace the 
dead sectors.

This is done using software which has a Bad Sector Mapping function, 
and a Patch File function.  I have used Media Doctor to do this job.  
I wrote it up here:


This said, I want to dump DVD as an archive format (I find that only 
certain drives will read certain DVDs, total PITA), I'm considering 
using HDDs, possibly 2.5" in a RAID configuration, in a NAS which is 
only fired up when needed.  I suspect nowadays, 2.5" drives are more 
space-efficient, although I haven't done the sums.


On 8 Jun 2010 at 10:44, David Mathog wrote:

> This is off topic so I will try to keep it short:  is there an
> "archival" format for large binary files which contains enough error
> correction to that all original data may be recovered even if there is a
> little data loss in the storage media?  

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