[Beowulf] first cluster

madskaddie at gmail.com madskaddie at gmail.com
Sat Jul 24 11:18:15 PDT 2010

I manage a small cluster with a central image for the execution hosts
(fully decoupled from the master/ login nodes). To deal with direct
access to nodes:
 - Every user has an "*" on the password field of the /etc/shadow file
in the execution hosts images
 - Access through ssh to the exec hosts is enabled to work only with
passwords (no certificate files)
 - Direct access to nodes: gridengine's (GE) qrsh
 - MPI via GE parallel environments

Things to be solved:
 - Monitoring of the resources usage; Now is only possible to query by
using GE qhost or looking at ganglia. But the latency is quite high :/
(anything above instantaneous is high latency)
 - Administration can be boring sometimes because I need to input the
password. I'll study a bit of PAM rules to bypass or learn the tcl
Expect tool (or equivalent libs in other  languages)

Gil Brandão

It can't continue forever. The nature of exponentials is that you push
them out and eventually disaster happens.
Gordon Moore  (Intel co-founder and author of the Moore's law)

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