[Beowulf] dollars-per-teraflop : any lists like the Top500?

Nifty Tom Mitchell niftyompi at niftyegg.com
Tue Jul 20 13:28:43 PDT 2010

On Wed, Jun 30, 2010 at 03:11:54PM +0000, Bill Rankin wrote:
> > I think the money part will be difficult to get (it is like a
> > politically
> > incorrect question).
> Joe addressed this pretty well.  For the large systems, it's almost always under NDA.

And then there is always the issue of timing.

Some groups or departments obtain hardware used from another
project often at $1.00 and other consideration prices.   Divide
by zero rules and NAN specters should scare ya.

Then there are the aggressive pricing curves that processors
suffer.   Six months later the same hardware can sometimes
be purchased well discounted such that two identical 
clusters could have a price per teraflops that is 40% of
an identical system.

And they the question is in dollars.  With international 
exchange rates other computations come to play making historic
comparisons interesting.

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