[Beowulf] HPL efficiency on Magny-Cours and Westmere?

Joshua mora acosta joshua_mora at usa.net
Tue Jul 6 08:57:48 PDT 2010

MC 12core at 2.2GHz: 91% on die, 86.7% on node 2 socket , above 82% on


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Subject: [Beowulf] HPL efficiency on Magny-Cours and Westmere?

> Hi all,
> can anyone tell me what kind of efficiency you're seeing on Magny-Cours
> and Westmere systems?  by efficiency, I mean actual HPL performance as a
> fraction of cores * clock * 4 flops/cycle.  I realize some of this can 
> be drived from top500 results, but I'd also be be interested in single-
> socket and single-node scores for comparison.
> thanks, mark hahn.
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