[Beowulf] clustering using xen virtualized machines

Paul Van Allsburg vanallsburg at hope.edu
Tue Jan 26 11:37:10 PST 2010

Ashley Pittman wrote:
> On 25 Jan 2010, at 15:28, Jonathan Aquilina wrote:
>> has anyone tried clustering using xen based vm's. what is everyones take on that? its something that popped into my head while in my lectures today.
> I've been using Amazon ec2 for clustering for months now, from a software perspective it's very similar to running real hardware.  For my needs (development) it's perfectly adequate, I've not benchmarked it against running the same code on the raw hardware though.
> Ashley,
Hi Ashley,

I'd love to try clustering on Amazon.  Is there a good writeup somewhere 
on how to configure & use mpi in the cloud?


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