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>> On Sun, Jan 10, 2010 at 1:29 AM, Glen Dosey <doseyg at r-networks.net 
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>>> You can have multiple ether-channel links between 2 switches. The
>>> limitation is that if they are in the same layer 2 broadcast domain
>>> (VLAN) only 1 will be active and STP will block the other.
>>> If you place each switch in a separate network you could use equal cost
>>> load balancing across multiple point to point SVI's on ether-channel
>>> links. You'll increase bandwidth at the cost of a little additional
>>> latency. Of course at the bandwidths you are talking about (160 Gbit/s
>>> or more ) I have no idea how it would really work. Backplane bandwidth,
>>> hashing algorithms and all sorts of other factor come into play and
>>> could cause it to fail completely. I'd love to try it out but I can't
>>> help but think there is probably a better architectural solution.
>>> What are you trying to do ?
>> The attempt is really to get a bunch of devices which only have
>> ethernet 1Gbps connectivity, to talk to a bunch of other machines with
>> Infiniband Connectivity.  (Ie, compute nodes to storage).  But we want
>> the aggregate bandwidth to be over 5GBps.
>> I was trying to see if there was a simple solution using some of the
>> existing stuff we have, without having to get overly creative with the
>> network or purchase 10G Ethernet to IB routers...
>> Looks like IB routers is the only solution that really works for me...
>> -
Cisco switched can be connected via trunked links. This allows you to 
use multiple links to increase the bandwidth. The limit used to be 3 but 
that may have changed. You can check the switche's online documentation 
for more information.

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