[Beowulf] Connecting QSFP to SFP+

John Hearns hearnsj at googlemail.com
Wed Feb 17 23:11:08 PST 2010

I realise this is a forlorn quest.
Can anyone think of a way of converting between a QSFP plug and an
SFP+ socket? Ie. if I wanted to connect a QSFP cable into a 10gigabit
ethernet switch which has an SFP port do I stand a cat's chance in

The gentleman from Mellanox who gave me a lot of help here may be
permitted to have a small smile.

And yes, the Q is QSFP = quad, so there are four of the things.

I guess I should just bite the bullet and go 40Gbps
(no, I'm not being really serious here

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