[Beowulf] PVM 3.4.5-12 terminates when adding Host on Ubuntu 9.10

Tsz Kuen Ching kuenching at gmail.com
Thu Feb 11 10:43:12 PST 2010

Whenever I attempt to add a host in PVM it ends up terminating the process
in the master program. The process does run in the slave node, however
because the PVM terminates I do not get access to the node.

I'm currently using Ubuntu 9.10, and I used apt-get to install pvm ( pvmlib,
pvmdev, pvm).
Thus $PVM_ROOT is set automatically, and so is $PVM_ARCH
As for the other variables, I have not looked for them.

I can ssh into the the slave without the need of a password.

Any Ideas or suggestions?

This is what happens:

user at laptop> pvm
pvm> add slave-slave
add slave-slave
user at laptop> ...

The logs are as followed:

Laptop log
[t80040000] 02/11 10:23:32 laptop ( LINUX 3.4.5
[t80040000] 02/11 10:23:32 ready Thu Feb 11 10:23:32 2010
[t80040000] 02/11 10:23:32 netoutput() sendto: errno=22
[t80040000] 02/11 10:23:32 em=0x2c24f0
[t80040000] 02/11 10:23:32
[t80040000] 02/11 10:23:32 netoutput() sendto: Invalid argument
[t80040000] 02/11 10:23:32 pvmbailout(0)

[t80080000] 02/11 10:23:25 slave-slave (xxx.x.x.xxx:57344) LINUX64 3.4.5
[t80080000] 02/11 10:23:25 ready Thu Feb 11 10:23:25 2010
[t80080000] 02/11 10:28:26 work() run = STARTUP, timed out waiting for
[t80080000] 02/11 10:28:26 pvmbailout(0)
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