[Beowulf] Transient NFS Problems in New Cluster

Prentice Bisbal prentice at ias.edu
Wed Feb 3 07:27:35 PST 2010

Joe Landman wrote:
> Jon Forrest wrote:
>> I have a new cluster running CentOS 5.3.
>> The cluster uses a Sun 7310 storage server
>> that provides NFS service over a private
>> 1Gb/s ethernet with 9K jumbo frames to the
>> cluster.
>> We've noticed that a number of the compute
>> nodes sometimes generate the
>> automount[15023]: umount_autofs_indirect: ask umount returned busy /home
> [...]
>> Any advice on what to do?
> We still recommend turning off autofs for home directories.  We've seen
> lots of problems with it on many clusters.  Hard mounts are IMO better.
>  That server should be able to handle it.

How do you handle situations where home directories are spread across
multiple servers? Do have a large /etc/fstab on ever NFS client?


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