[Beowulf] NFS share - IO rate

Jeff Johnson jeff.johnson at aeoncomputing.com
Tue Apr 20 12:57:29 PDT 2010

On 4/20/10 12:36 PM, Henning Fehrmann wrote:
> Hello,
> We purchased a disk based cache system. The content of the cache system
> is NFS exported into our cluster. Currently we'd like to tweak the cache setup to
> increase the IO performance. There are tools like bonny or iozone which tests
> locally mounted file systems.
> First I tried to start iozone on many NFS clients hammering the cache file server.
> I got results which are actually meaningless if they are not the same on all clients.
> [...snip...]
> Do you know such a tool or are there other ways to get a picture of a IO capability
> of cache-file server?
> Thank you and cheers,
> Henning

     Did you run your iozone tests using the multi-client throughput 
mode? (-+m and -+t options?) If not, you can set a shell env variable 
'RSH=ssh', create a text file listing your desired clients and then run 
iozone in clustered mode. The master iozone process will collect the 
results for each operation and provide performance as seen by the clients.


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